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-Gnet N2
-Made in Korea
-Front:1920x1080 Full HD 30fps

-Rear:1920x1080 Full HD 30fps
-Wi-Fi with Smartphone Application(Android & iOS) with WiFi Dongle
-Compact Size

-ADAS(Advance Driver Assistance Systems) with Optional GPS
-Night Vision
-Wide Viewing Angle of 140 Degree
-High Sensitive 3-Axis Sensor for Detecting Impact
-Intelligent Motion Detection Recording when Parked

-Voice Guide
-Low Voltage Battery Protector
-Built-in Super Capacitor
-Continuously Records in High and Low Temperature
-Easy & Convenient Setting through Smart Phone

-Format Free by JDR System

-Memory Card Data Automatic Recovery System

-Security LED

-16GB Micro SDHC Card Included


**WiFi Dongle ($30 Value) Included - Limited Time Promotion

Gnet N2

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